Increasing RSS Feed Subscribers

If you want to expand your reach, then you need to grow your RSS feed subscribers. Make the right input and effort to market your RSS feed; this way, you can increase adoption and reach out to people with the message that your feed contains.Validating Feed
Ensure that the feed is formed appropriately. Improperly formed feed will not gain readership, and aggregators will not be able to compensate such RSS feeds. You can take advantage of certain desktop and web-based feed validation tools to ascertain if your feed is formatted appropriately or not. When you edit the feed, ensure that you invest few more minutes to validate the feed.Promote Your Feed Properly
When you do all that is necessary to promote your RSS feed properly, you will be rewarded with an increased number of people subscribing to your RSS feed. RSS feed requires promotion and marketing just like your website.The following tips will aid you in promoting your feed: RSS Auto Discovery-
The header of your web pages should feature RSS “Auto-Discovery” tags. A good number of people who read RSS feed have built-in tech that automatically detects feed. Ensure that your web pages have auto-discovery tags properly put in place. With this tool, visitors will instantly and automatically detect the availability of RSS for the content.
Submission to RSS Feed Directories-
Embark on submission of your RSS to different RSS search engines and RSS directories. A good number of visitors would scout feed directories to see if they can find topical feeds to suit their needs. You can attract new audience through this technique.
Feed Icon-
Your web page should feature a standard RSS feed icon which should also be visually appealing and easily noticeable. The placement of the icon should be above the fold on your web page. The essence is to enable a web visitor to instantly see the icon without scrolling up or down, right or left. Be sure that your RSS icon is linked to the feed’s URL. Ensure that the icon is spread all over the web pages so that a visitor can subscribe to your RSS from any of your web pages.
Alert Your Email List of RSS Feed Availability-
Where you have a recent email subscription list, don’t forget to notify your subscribers that an feed is available.
One-Click Subscription-
To help your site visitors subscribe quickly and with ease, provide a one-click subscription alternative to RSS feeds.
Spread the Message about the Availability of RSS Feed-
Employ every communication channel you’ve got to inform people that feeds are available. Integrate your RSS feed details in forum and email signatures, also include a ‘mention’ in your product or company newsletters.
Send Press Release-
Use a press release to announce the availability of an RSS for your website content. Ensure that you give details of the kind of information featured in it, and describe the benefits or assistance that the RSS feed will offer to those who are interested. Educate and Explain
Sinceit is still fairly new, not everyone knows what benefits it has, look for an avenue to educate and explain this technology and how it can be subscribed, to potential visitors. This can go a long way to substantially grow your RSS adoption.RSS Content
Feed content can be a wide range of things; there are useful tips to this effect; Captivating content –
Ensure that your content will compel subscribers to yearn for more of what you have to offer.
Your content should be focused –
Ensure that the feed does not stray from the theme, keep it specific and focused
New Content –
Create new content as regular as possible
Detailed Analysis –
Check logs to help you determine the topics that interest readers most so that you can expand on such segments by including extra items that take the topic to another level.
Avoid Ads –
It is important that you avoid inserting ads or content that is self-serving into your RSS. If you must advertise, do it sparingly and ensure that ads are balanced with quality content.